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The institution, Claret Academy was formally opened in September 1998. The title "Claret Academy" was given to it because of the rapid growth of the school and the intended plan to develop it in the future into secondary, as well as tertiary levels of education, perhaps with different campuses in several places. The Managers and faculty of Claret Academy are happy to make this Handbook of School Policies available to you, so that you may become better acquainted with your school, the personnel who staff it and the aims and purposes for which it has been established. THE ROLE OF THE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT Knowledge of these policies will help you better understand the relationship that can exist between your family and our school. We want you to know that we all, in a sense, co-own the school; that the role of the school management is to help and co-Operate with parents, who are the primary educators, in the God-given task of nurturing the fertile minds and hearts of our children with knowledge, wisdom and love. We are not abashed to confess that we are Catholics, Christians, a people of God with a mandate to fulfill for your children, those words of our Lord: "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them." We want to make our school a place where your children will not only gain needed knowledge, but also where they will encounter Jesus Christ and learn to love and live as He taught us, as a people of peace and joy. Your cooperation, which we hereby solicit, will do so much to strengthen and develop the correct attitudes and habits expected of our students your children.



The Proprietor: The proprietor of the , school is the Claretian Congregation, Province of Nigeria. The Provincial Superior and his council work closely with the local ordinary and the State Ministry of Education and Land and Urban planning in all affairs concerning acquisition of land, permission to establish a Catholic school and approval of curriculum.


. The School Board: Aware that we are not sole administrators, the Provincial Schools Management Board is an expression of our Claretian spirit of collaboration and teamwork. The school Board is the immediate organ that is responsible to the provincial government regarding Claretian schools. It oversees the plans, budgets, projects and policies of the schools and approves them, making recommendations to the provincial government when necessary. It also represents the government and the schools and acts as a mediating body in juridical and conciliatory matters. It is made up of the Coordinating manager, the school managers, the provincial econome, the provincial prefect of apostolate and other persons appointed the provincial government.


. The School Management personel: This consists of the manager[s], the headmaster or principal, the vice- principals, the pastoral coordinator, the different heads of the various departments and functions in the school, including the security, and maintenance sectors.


. The Manager: He is the official representative of the school proprietor the Claretian congregation His task is to oversee the well being and better functioning of the school, striving to see that the fixed objectives are met, and giving due reports to the province.


. The Principal or headmaster/mistress: He/she is the director of the internal unity of the school. He/she takes the place of the manager, whom he must inform and consult daily for approval of processes in all matters of administration.
His/her tasks include: organizing the educational community and directing them in the acceptance of school principles and fulfillment of same; developing the scope of the academic calendar and ensuring that it followed; exercising the daily government of the school in his charge; convoking meetings necessary for the smooth running of the school; oversee the class projects of the teachers and other departmental heads, etc. The vice principal or assistant headmaster fulfils all these function in the absence of the principal.
[Fuller details of these functions and more are contained in the Statutes of the institution; these are given here to enable parents understand the command structure and be able to take advantage of the services offered by each task officer of the school. Parents are also encouraged to ask questions and be directed to the person most appropriate to handle an issue they bring]

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